Mistakes were made

Posted by InTheCaddy on 2020-04-06 10:15:30

Zoom messed up. The CEO has made a statement that he messed up. This is something everyone needs to watch carefully. I appreciate owning this but we have all done it. There are so many business applications that I have worked on were we let something we know to be a flaw go because of time or money constraints. When the business is wanting to make the dollars and don't want to wait any longer for things to get right you have these issues. The backlog continues to grow and it take so long to get it cleaned up. But just think if they had resolved their issues once they knew about it. Then this pandemic hits and everyone is in love with their product. If there were no issues they would be the pandemic technology heroes, instead look at them now. All the other video conferencing companies are all over this and using this as key marketing points.

Fix the problem and do it right first then you will be prepared for this in the long run.

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