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So what is the ERM?

Have you ever had to sell something? Did you have a process for selling that item? Well what is a job search if not just a sales process. Your number 1 product is you and you have to have a plan on how you are going to sell that product. Most companies employ a CRM to manage the sales pipeline. You don't want to miss a follow up opportunity. You don't want to be on the phone with someone and forget what your last contact was like and what was discussed.

Using Version 1 of the ERM you will have the ability to take notes and track the contacts you make during your job search. Version 2 which will be coming soon will allow you to automate some of the tasks that are required for a solid job search. Did you remember to follow up after that email, phone call or on site interview. Well with the new ERM you won't forget and the system can even handle that process for you. Just like you would automate the sales process to ensure you have the correct timing and amount of contact points with a potential customer, now you can do it during the job search process.

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